The vineyard has many acres of vineyards. Located in the valley of Durango, on the slopes of Anboto mountain and looking to Oiz mountain.

Surroundings winery, in the neighborhood Eguzkitza is the vineyard. It was planted in 2000 year, with a particular orientation to which the vine has a constant breeze throughout all the year, benefiting the crop.

The varieties with which it works are the Ondarrabi Zuri, Riesling, Folle Blanc and Gros Manseng, which are suitable for the preparation of Bikandi and Mikeldi Txakolina.

When working in the vineyard we take care and respect the environment.

The care of the vineyard is done mechanically by tractors to the latest tools on the market.

Bikandi txakolina

Eguzkitza 6A 48200. Durango, Biscay, Spain.

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